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The Perks with Mercs.

The private sector, in whatever regard, will always be viewed with a bit of skepticism. As it should. But there is one advantage the private military sector in particular has proven to have over most conventional governmental agencies, namely, flexibility. Continue reading “The Perks with Mercs.”

Why Trump’s Cyber-Security Comments, are no laughing matter.

After Trump’s comments on Cyber-Security few missed the opportunity to crack jokes, with both humorous pictures and twitter Hashtags promoting everything from the Pony Express to carrier pigeons.

Granted, Trump’s comments most definitely stems from a lack of knowledge, there is a grain of truth to his words. Continue reading “Why Trump’s Cyber-Security Comments, are no laughing matter.”

Backlash Burqa

Industry colleague, Scott Bernstein from GSI recently shared this fun little story about a recent successful SAS operation in Raqqa, Syria against ISIS. Its a story that gives some credence to Sun Tzu when he emphasized the need to adapt ones tactics to an enemy’s weakness. Continue reading “Backlash Burqa”

Psy-Ops & K-Pop.

With growing tension between the North Korean and South Korean governments, the South Korean military aims to intensify its Psy-Ops operation against the North Korean regime. Despite being under critique by Cheong Wa Dae (The blue House), the operations are starting up again after having been shut down in 2004.
Continue reading “Psy-Ops & K-Pop.”

Business boom in the Yemen conflict.

PMCs and PICs are being used more and more, with activity and new start-ups steadily increasing everywhere. And while it’s certainly not a new profession, or even a new industry, it is right now experiencing an enourmous boom in business.

And at the heart of that boom is the middle east, or more specifically, the Yemeni Conflict.

Continue reading “Business boom in the Yemen conflict.”

Remember Merdeka.

In 1967 the president of Philippines Diosdado Macapagal authorized what would become known as “Operation Merdeka”. It was a codename for a destabilization program where the end goal was the annexation of Sabah, a resourceful region in north-east Malaysia. Continue reading “Remember Merdeka.”

Colonization by migration?

In the aftermath of the Paris attack, the usual Islam-themed debates crop up, as they tend to do. And with them comes the standard conspiracy-theories which has been in circulation for the last decade. Continue reading “Colonization by migration?”

Cyber-espionage, why the good guys wont win this time.

The digital world is a confusing place, what with all of its technical jargon like “cyber-attack”, “threat-space” or “tweating”. And most of the news from, what can only be described as a Digital War-zone, never makes it into mainstream media. Continue reading “Cyber-espionage, why the good guys wont win this time.”

American vampires in… The Philippines?

We all have our heroes to aspire too. It’s an important way to motivate ourselves and set goals we can all pursue. And while I have no doubt that the average gun-totting Joe Jar-head dreams of Rambo’s and Schwarzenegger, I tend to pick my heroes that are in one way or another unique, and there is one in particular that I would like to talk about. I consider him an absolute genius in psychological warfare and covert psych-ops. He’s someone you’ve probably never heard about. Continue reading “American vampires in… The Philippines?”

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