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What Warcraft taught us about Bioterrorism.

Everyone play video games, even ISIS with their unlicensed modded version of Grand Theft Auto, named GTA – Salil Al Sawarem. So it’s a pretty big thing, and occasionally the video game industry does make some considerable contributions to the world as a whole, in allowing psychologists to study human behavior in certain simulated situations, technological innovations or just simply being a huge chunk of a country’s GDP (Here’s looking at you Belarus).

The most memorable contribution, at least in my view at the moment, is World of Warcraft’s experience with bio-terrorism. Continue reading “What Warcraft taught us about Bioterrorism.”


Big T’s and Big A’s

Ever since the first Germans in the Deutsche’s Heer ran in fear from the slow-moving metal beasts on the fields of Somme, the military vehicle commonly known as “Tanks” has been the central force of all mechanized divisions. And as a lover of big guns I am very fond of Tanks. Both its history and strategic use in history.

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How does a virus work? 10 Examples to give you a little insight.

Through my work I often deal with computers, occasionally the computer even belongs to me. (That was a joke )

To me, computers are a lot like cars. It doesn’t matter how fast you can drive’em, if you know nothing about the inner workings of the mechanics, you’re pretty “TARFUN” when your car breaks down. In the same way, knowing how a computer works, or more importantly, how software and operating systems work is absolutely essential for every PC user. Knowing how something works means you are better at maintaining it and preventing it from ever breaking down.

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A probable alternative to the refugee crisis.

As the approved plan for intervention in the Mediterranean is under scrutiny, I think it might be wise to start considering alternatives. The released documents from the military defense chiefs are surprisingly not very well thought out. And it appears that the authors of the document themselves are aware of its weaknesses, especially its lack of a overal strategy and clear-cut operational goals.

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A few thoughts on an emerging industry.

When you hear the term “private intelligence” you’l probably hang on to the word “Intelligence”, imagining shadowy spies in raincoats exchanging briefcases in a dark alley. At least, that’s how i imagined it when i first started in the field.
It’s only natural that most people tend to have a rather romanticized view on anything related to that one special word; “Intelligence”, much thanks to popular Hollywood movies containing shaken martinis, invisible cars and exploding rolexes.

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